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The Great Corsican Loop

As you sail along its coastline, Corsica will enchant you with the beauty of its contrasting landscapes.

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Leaving from Nice, you will sail towards the Gulf of Girolata and the Scandola Reserve. A UNESCO World Heritage site, this paradise of ochre and red rocks will reveal to you its rich and protected flora and fauna.
You will discover Palombaggia and Roccapina, two unforgettable ports of call where you will enjoy superb fine sandy beaches with their calm, transparent waters. Edged by parasol pines, they are some of the most beautiful on the island.
You will also visit Bonifacio, the jewel of the far south of Corsica. A veritable fortress sculpted by the wind and the spray, the “sentinel city” will reveal its historical centre and its long cobbled streets.
Pristine nature, idyllic beaches, port cities, secret coves and rocky headlands: As you sail along its coastline, Corsica will enchant you with the beauty of its contrasting landscapes.

  • Nice, France

  • St. Tropez, France

    The myths that surround Saint-Tropez continue to inspire people to dream. For celebrities, sea lovers and those passionate about history, art and heritage, the village is still a destination they have to go to at least once. Yet behind the festivities and glitz Saint-Tropez remains an authentic village, a small fishing port of infinite charms and many different facets. Feel free to explore the picturesque streets, the bustling Provencal market, its 16th century citadel and the small but always interesting Annonciade Museum.

  • Palombaggia, Corsica, France

    To the south of Porto-Vecchio, the beautiful white sandy beach at Palombaggia fringed with pine trees is an ideal spot to relax and bathe in Corsica’s crystal clear waters. Lying just off the beach are the Cerbicales Islands which have been a nature reserve since 1981 and are home to many seabirds, the most noticeable being the European shag. The islands remain untouched by the presence of Man as mooring, fishing and hunting are forbidden.

    Just 10km from Porto-Vecchio, the citadel shelters a lively historic centre round the 19th century Saint Jean-Baptiste Church. The bells in the tower ring out every hour across this charming maze of narrow streets, the focus being Place de la République with all its boutiques, ice cream parlours, restaurants and cafés which are always open. You can also visit the famous Bastion de France, the purpose of which was to monitor any movement of boats in the port and to sound the alarm in the event of an invasion from the sea. Today this famous monument of the “City of Salt” hosts a range of exhibitions with all the colour and drama of the expeditions and adventure of the past.

  • Sailing Bonifacio, Corsica, France

    An impressive construction of stone built on a rocky headland of white limestone, Bonifacio occupies a very special place in the landscape of the place Saint Exupery described as a “rose pink pebble on the Mediterranean sea". The limestone and granite cliffs have been eroded by the waves to form a natural façade, swooping down towards the crystal water. A veritable fortress sculpted by the wind and the spray, the “sentinel city” will show you its historical centre and its long cobbled streets.

  • Baie de Roccapina, Corsica, France

    The turquoise-blue waters invite you to dive. No habitation around, only a beautiful and luxuriant nature to be discovered. We have to admit it: Roccapina’s bay is absolutely fabulous. An ideal place to cast anchor!

  • Ile Rousse, Corsica, France

    Picturesque, historic and charming, L’Ile Rousse (Corsica) lies at the foot of a rugged range of hills in the heart of the Balagne and is named after the islets of red granite. This region has surely been blessed, an area where ancient villages stand out proudly against a stunning panorama. Baptised Paolina, L’Ile Rousse was founded in the 18th century by Pascal Paoli who wanted to compete with the citadel of Calvi. Occupied since ancient times, today the new town stretches along the edge of fine sandy beaches, its privileged location making it a popular holiday destination and seaside resort.

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