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Cruise Civitavecchia to Istanbul

From Italy’s “boot” to the Bosphorus Strait, experience the myriad pleasures of the Mediterranean.

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The wonders of Italy, Greece and Turkey come alive for you. Explore Sicily, once ruled by empires ranging from Greek and Roman to Arab and Norman. Revel in the breathtaking beauty of the Amalfi Coast. The deep blue seas and whitewashed homes of Santorini will amaze, as will the ruins of Ephesus. From Italy’s “boot” to the Bosphorus Strait, experience the myriad pleasures of the Mediterranean.

We've listed some highlights which will be visited. Itineraries may differ with each departure. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information on this itinerary.

  • Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy

    Rome the Eternal is 25 centuries old and constantly reinventing itself. The glories of Ancient Rome, the pomp of the Renaissance Papacy, and the futuristic architecture of the 20th and 21st centuries all blend miraculously into a harmonious whole. You can get Wi-Fi in the shadow of 2,000-year-old ruins. It’s this fusion of old and new and the casual way that Romans live with their weighty history that make this city unique.

  • Sorrento

    Sorrento may have become a jumping-off point for visitors to Pompeii, Capri, and Amalfi, but you can find countless reasons to love it for itself. The Sorrentine people are fair-minded and hardworking, bubbling with life and warmth. The tuff cliff on which the town rests is like a great golden pedestal spread over the bay, absorbing the sunlight in deepening shades through the mild days, and orange and lemon trees waft a luscious perfume in spring. In the evening, people fill cafés to nibble, sip, and talk nonstop; then, arms linked, they stroll and browse through the maze of shop-lined lanes.

  • Santorini, Greece

    Undoubtedly the most extraordinary island in the Aegean, crescent-shape Santorini remains a mandatory stop on the Cycladic tourist route—even if it's necessary to enjoy the sensational sunsets from Ia, the fascinating excavations, and the dazzling white towns with a million other travelers. Called Kállisti (the "Loveliest") when first settled, the island has now reverted to its subsequent name of Thira, after the 9th-century-BC Dorian colonizer Thiras. The place is better known, however, these days as Santorini, a name derived from its patroness, St. Irene of Thessaloniki, the Byzantine empress who restored icons to Orthodoxy and died in 802.

  • Kusadasi, Turkey

    A cultural hub since its earliest beginnings, Kusadasi is one of Turkey’s most popular holiday resort towns. Here, sightseers discover a gateway to the historical landmarks of nearby ancient Ephesus, which once stood as the capital of Roman Asia Minor. Visitors can comb the excavated city’s Greco-Roman and Christian ruins, including the Library of Celsus and the Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, or pay a visit to St. Mary’s House, where the mother of Jesus lived out her final days.

  • Istanbul, Turkey

    The only city in the world that can lay claim to straddling two continents, Istanbul—once known as Constantinople, capital of the Byzantine and then the Ottoman Empire—has for centuries been a bustling metropolis with one foot in Europe and the other in Asia. Istanbul embraces this enviable position with both a certain chaos and inventiveness, ever evolving as one of the world’s most cosmopolitan crossroads. It’s often said that Istanbul is the meeting point of East and West, but visitors to this city built over the former capital of two great empires are likely to be just as impressed by the juxtaposition of old and new.

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